Erase a LENA device without processing its data

When a device contains demo/junk data or an unwanted recording, use LENA Hub to erase the device without processing the data.

The device must be unassigned before it can be erased without processing.

Note: Recorders that are transferred for processing and conversion to reports are automatically erased after transfer. They do not need to be manually erased.

1. If the recorder is currently assigned, unassign it in LENA Online.

Not sure whether it's assigned?  Find out quickly by typing the serial number into the system search box in LENA Online.

2. Connect the recorder to LENA Hub.

The recorder will be marked as an Error. Click the Error to open up the details and the option to erase the device.

3. Click Erase Recorder.

4. Confirm Erase.

Remember to remove name labels and/or update assignments in LENA Online, as needed.