LENA device LCD screen status messages

On power-up, the LENA device's screen may display some bars, icons, and the firmware version before landing on the status message.  

This article describes the normal status messages on the recorder's LCD screen. For information on error messages, please see the recorder troubleshooting guide.

Paused, no numbers

Paused without any numbers means the device is empty and ready for a new recording.  

Recorders should say Paused when they are given to families for data collection.

Note: Some very old recorders display Sleeping instead of Paused.  


Screen displays Recording after the REC button is pressed and held for approximately three seconds.

Running recording time is displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Paused + timestamp (HH:MM:SS)

The device contains some audio data, but recording was interrupted before reaching a full 16 hours.

The timestamp indicates the elapsed recording time in hours, minutes, and seconds. This is the total time contained on the recorder.

Memory Full

The LENA device will not hold any more audio data.  Screen displays Memory Full after the device has recorded for 16 cumulative hours.

When the memory is full the device will turn off automatically after a few minutes, and the display screen will be blank.

The device will not be able to record more data until the current recording has been transferred to the LENA software (or erased).

Audio Transfer

The LENA device is connected to the computer via USB cable and the audio is being transferred to the software.


The device is drawing power from the charging station or computer where it is plugged in.

A device that reads Charging while not plugged in is stuck and needs to be reset. See here for details.


The recorder is plugged in, and the battery is fully charged and ready to use.

A device that reads Charged while not plugged in is stuck and needs to be reset. See here for details.

Failing to Charge

Although it is plugged in, the recorder is unable to draw charge from the power source. Try a different cord, port, or outlet.

Warning! Discharging!

Although it is plugged in, the recorder battery is discharging due to insufficient current from the power source. Be sure that your charging method meets system requirements, and that the port in use is not defective.

Low Battery

The battery is depleted and any recording has stopped. The recorder must be charged before you can continue recording.

Power Off

The recorder has been powered off by pressing the Power Button for approximately three seconds.  The screen briefly displays Power Off before the screen goes blank.

Blank screen

The recorder is off.  Press the Power Button to turn the device on, or connect the recorder to a charger until the screen says Charged.


This message may display briefly when the recorder is unplugged, and indicates that the recorder is resetting itself. It may also display if you have to do a manual reset as part of troubleshooting.