Add a caregiver with texting number or email address

Add a caregiver to an existing child's record if you would like to use LENA Online to send any of the following:

If entering a texting number, be sure the caregiver knows to expect a welcome text from LENA so that she does not accidentally opt out. Also, be aware that the welcome text is sent it's best to save this task for daytime working hours.

1. Open the child's record.

Caregivers are managed from within the related child's participant screen. If you've just finished adding the child, simply click his or her name in the participant list.

Otherwise select the appropriate context, expand the Admin menu, choose Participants, and select the child from the list.

2. Add Caregiver information.

On the individual child's screen:

  1. Select the Caregivers tab.
  2. Click on the New Caregiver button.
  3. Enter the requested information.

Caregiver's First Name and Last Name are mandatory, but real names are not. You may use initials or an ID code instead, if required by your program.

Relationship: How caregiver is related to child (e.g., mother, father, grandmother, guardian, etc.)

Preferred Language: Choose English or Spanish to set the language for texts and reports provided to this family

Texting Number: Telephone number at which Caregiver can receive text messages.

Tips for texting numbers:

  • Texting is currently available in the USA and Canada only.
  • Each texting number can be associated with only one child - that is, texting numbers must be unique.
  • Must be a smartphone number for viewing reports and for online Snapshot completion.
  • A welcome text will be sent to this number as soon as the record is saved. It's a good idea to let the caregiver know this will happen so they don't accidentally opt out of texts. A caregiver who opts out would need to manually opt back in to resume receiving texts.

Email:  Enter an email address to send online Snapshot links via email instead of by text. LENA reports are not sent via email.

3. Click Submit.

Repeat step 2 for any additional caregivers for the same child.