Close out a completed LENA Home group

Follow these steps to wrap up completed groups.

Gather and enter final Snapshots (if applicable).

To ensure that all final data are in the system:

Process all LENA recorders.

  1. Process the last LENA Day data as usual.
  2. Check all recorders to be sure that they are empty. Remember:
    • An empty recorder’s screen says Paused without any numbers.
    • If it says Memory Full or Paused with numbers, use LENA Hub to process the recording.

Unassign recorders.

On the recorder assignment screen for the group or organization, follow these steps to efficiently unassign all recorders:

  1. Filter on All children. This ensures you can see any children in this group who may have been dropped mid-sequence but accidentally still have recorders assigned.
  2. Click on Assigned Recorders to bring all assigned devices to the top of the list, in order, for review. (Or keep the children in alphabetical order, if that's easier in your situation.)
  3. For each assignment:
    • If you have the empty recorder in hand, unassign it by clicking the X. Remove any remaining assignment stickers from the back of the recorder.
    • If you don’t have the recorder in hand, use the assignment information to sort out where the device may be, but do unassign the recorder before proceeding.

Inventory all materials.

Now is the time to inventory materials, such as:

  • Recorders
    • Compare quantity allocated and quantity returned.
    • Remove assignment stickers and wipe clean with an alcohol wipe if needed.
    • If you have set aside any malfunctioning recorders, troubleshoot the issues and contact [email protected] if assistance is needed.
  • Vests
    • Compare number allocated and number returned.
    • Inspect for usability, launder, and place new labels if appropriate.
  • Labels and stickers
    • Purchase additional vest labels and recorder stickers if needed for the next cycle.
  • Recorder charging & transfer equipment and cords
    • Place docks and all cords in a safe location if not using right away.
  • Coaching materials
Missing recorders?

If you cannot locate a recorder, type the number in System Search (with your organization in the context dropdown) to see if it is currently assigned to anyone.

If it is not currently assigned, it may have been unassigned but not returned. You can use the Recorder Assignment screen to find which child or children have used the recorder.

  1. Filter on All children.
  2. Click on the Previous Recorder column header to sort by previously assigned recorders.
  3. Scan down the list for the missing serial number to see who has used the recorder, and determine whether it makes sense to follow up with caregivers. Seeing the number does not necessarily mean the child or classroom still has the recorder, but this information could provide just the clue you need to remember what happened.


Close out all children in the group.

Update the enrollment status of each participant to completed or dropped.

  • Completed means they participated for the full duration of the program.
  • Dropped means they stopped participating before the coaching sequence came to an end.

Mark the group as Inactive.

This group management step must be completed by the account administrator, and only after all other steps have been completed.

Inactivating the group is the final step in group completion. After inactivation, an individual participant in an inactive group can still be accessed through the Participants list for the organization. Set the enrollment filter to show completed/dropped children.