Snapshot on paper: Print, complete, check, and enter a paper Snapshot form

Although the online Snapshot is easy and convenient to use, occasionally it is more appropriate to have a caregiver complete the Snapshot on paper.

You will then enter the responses from the form into LENA Online.

Blank LENA Snapshot forms are available in both English and Spanish in your program's Resources section of LENA Online.

Within Resources, the specific location of the form varies by program type.

2. Caregiver fills out Snapshot form.

Instructions for completing the Snapshot are included on the first page of the Snapshot PDF.

You can also show caregivers the Snapshot instructional video, available in your program's Resources section.

3. Review completed Snapshot form for errors.

A Snapshot cannot be entered into LENA Online if any of the following errors occur:

  • skipped answers
  • choosing both “yes” and “not yet”
  • stopping before 5 “not yet” responses in a row

If the parent completes the Snapshot in your presence, review it immediately. If you are not with the parent when they complete it, check it as soon as possible.

If errors are found, caregivers should be contacted as soon as possible after the completion date to get the correct answer. Follow-up can be completed by a phone call or email, or by returning the questionnaire with the target item(s) marked. Due to the urgency in getting the answers, it is often more efficient to email or call.

Developmental changes occur quickly in infants and toddlers. The Snapshot is invalid if follow-up answers are obtained more than three weeks after the parent completion date.  

The Snapshot should be completed again from scratch. The results can then be entered into LENA Online with the new completion date.

4. Enter a new Snapshot from a completed paper form.

After confirming the Snapshot is free of errors, follow these steps to enter the data into LENA Online.

4.1. Go to the New Snapshot screen for the child.

There are two main ways to get there:

Option 1 - From the Data menu

With the appropriate Group or Organization in the context menu, use the main menu to go to Data > Snapshots.

Click on the child in the list.

On the child's screen, click New Snapshot.

4.2. Enter the caregiver responses.

Start with the information from the top of the Snapshot form. (The screen entry form updates to Spanish when Spanish is selected.)

Click Next to move to the Snapshot questions.

Proceed with the Yes/Not Yet questions. After 5 Not Yet answers in a row, the Snapshot is complete, and no further responses are available.

4.3. Click Submit to save.

LENA scores the Snapshot.

You can now view the results on the child's Snapshot screen.