Snapshot online: Send Snapshot entry links by text or email

Snapshot entry links can be sent in bulk or individually from the Snapshot screen for any group in an organization that has online Snapshot enabled.

Who can send Snapshot entry links?

A user can send Snapshot links for children whose names the user has permission to see.

Who can receive Snapshot entry links?

The Snapshot link is sent to the child's primary caregiver, if configured to receive texts or emails (valid caregiver contact information has been entered and is enabled).


To send Snapshot entry link to all children in a group...

Click the Send Snapshots button.

Confirm send.

LENA indicates how many caregivers in this group are configured to receive Snapshot online links.

LENA prioritizes texts over emails. A caregiver with both receives only a text.

Confirm, and LENA sends a unique link for each child to these caregivers.

The Snapshot Sent column will update to reflect today's date for all children with eligible caregivers.

To send the Snapshot entry link for an individual child...

In the Actions column for that child, click an icon to send the link.

  • Click the message icon to send via text.
  • Click the mail icon to send via email.

A gray button indicates that this contact method is not available for this child's primary caregiver. The information is not in the system, or the caregiver has opted out of texting.

Check the child's caregiver screen, and update as needed. If the phone number is there but texting is not enabled, the caregiver would need to opt back in to texting.

Confirm send.

LENA sends a unique link for the child via the method selected.

The Snapshot Sent date will update on screen to reflect today's date for this child.