Send LENA Home video links to caregivers

This article explains how to use LENA's custom texting feature to send a session content video to a caregiver to watch before of a meeting instead of watching the videos together.

You will need:

You can also use these instructions if a family does not have a smartphone but does have an email address.

  1. First choose the child's group in the context drop-down.
  2. Go to the Resources screen (Main Menu > LENA Home > Resources) and click the LENA Home Curriculum tab.
  3. Open Sharing LENA Home Videos Virtually in English or Spanish.
  4. Use your mouse to highlight/select the whole text message for the session you want to send.
  5. Type Ctrl+C, or right-click and choose Copy. Now the suggested text message and link are on your clipboard.

You can paste this into an email to the family, or follow the steps below to send via LENA custom texting.

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome

2. Paste the copied details into a LENA text.

  1. Open the Send Text Messages feature (Main Menu > LENA Home > Send Text Message).
  2. Right-click in the Text Message box and select Paste.
  3. Adjust or adapt the text message if desired - just don't alter the link.

3. Select child(ren) and send.

  1. Check the box for any text-enabled child whose caregiver should receive the session link. You can select more than one child if they should all receive the same session link.
  2. Click Submit.

As a reminder, these copyrighted videos are for use solely by LENA Home Visitors with their LENA Home participating families in conjunction with LENA Home sessions. Please do not distribute or post these links on social media or other platforms.