Play LENA Home videos offline (without internet)

After downloading the LENA Home video PowerPoint file to your computer, you can watch LENA Home videos with your families regardless of internet access.

1. Open the PowerPoint show.

Double-click the shortcut you created, or go to the folder where you saved the file in the previous step, and double-click on the file to open it.

The file opens as a full screen video menu. (Sometimes it takes a few seconds to open.)

2. Click the title of the video you want to watch.

3. Click play button to watch the video in full screen.

4. Click Return to menu to return to the full list of videos.

If you've finished, use the Esc key to close the PowerPoint show.


The video menu looks like an app or web page, but it acts like a slide show. If you have not presented a PowerPoint recently, play around with the controls a bit to work out the kinks before your first coaching session.

A few tips:

  • The arrows keys on your keyboard and the almost invisible slide show controls in the bottom left of the screen are your friends!
  • If you get lost arrow back to the menu using your keyboard.
  • On menu and thumbnail slides, clicking on anything that isn't a menu button or a video thumbnail advances to the next slide or video.
    • If you advance by mistake, just use your keyboard to arrow back.
  • Clicking while a video is playing makes it start over. Every. Time.
    • To get out of a video, hit Esc once, or arrow back on your keyboard or on the slide show controls.
  • If all else fails, arrow back to the menu.
  • To leave the show, hit Esc from any still slide.

Test your playback method ahead of time to be sure both video and audio are working well.

If you are meeting virtually, enlist a friend for a test meeting to work out the kinks. Note that some virtual meeting platforms have a special setting to share your computer's audio while presenting, and some cannot share the audio from anything but a browser tab (we're looking at you here, Google Meets).