Group dashboard for LENA Home

The group detail dashboard provides a high-level overview to help you stay on track, as well as links to the children's reports.


Group stats

The top section repeats the information from this group's welcome dashboard regarding recent activity.

Child information table and links to reports

Click to read more about each column in the table.


Clicking on a participant name will open his/her LENA report in a new tab for viewing, saving, and printing.


Here is where you'll see any special celebrations or warnings related to this child's last LENA Day.

The warnings and what to do about them are explained in more detail here.

Performance indicators for Words and Turns

The circles for adult words and conversational turns are a visual representation of the percentile on the most recent LENA Day.

  • Full circle indicates High (75th - 99th percentile).
  • 3/4 full circle indicates high average (50th-74th percentile).
  • 1/2 full circle indicates low average (25th - 49th percentile).
  • 1/4 full circle indicates low (1st - 24th percentile).

Big trends will also have arrows indicating upward or downward trends. A green arrow means the trend is going in the desired direction.

More about trend arrows

The trend arrow is a comparison of the current LENA Day percentile against the average of the previous 3 LENA Days*.

  • A green arrow means the most recent LENA Day is at least 10 percentile points higher than the previous average.
  • A red arrow means the most recent LENA Day is at least 10 percentile points lower than the previous average.
  • No arrow means the difference was less than ten percentile points, so not a large enough trend for an arrow.

*To calculate the previous average percentile, we first average the Standard Scores, and then display the corresponding percentile. Also, if the child has fewer than 3 previous LENA Day, we use the average of all past LENA Days.

While Standard Scores don't appear directly on any LENA report, they are the bridge between raw counts and percentiles. Neither raw counts nor percentiles are appropriate for averaging. Raw counts are age-dependent, and percentile ranks fall on an uneven scale - that is, a one percentile point difference at either the high or low end of the scale represents a much bigger "advance" than a one percentile point difference closer to the middle of the scale. Standard Score values have been age-referenced to LENA’s normative database, they are generated on a uniform scale suitable for averaging, and each Standard Score corresponds predictably to a percentile ranking.

Days since last recording

This column shows how many days have passed since the child's most recent LENA Day*. A color-coded dot helps you identify who needs attention:

  • Green means the child has a LENA Day within the last 45 days.
  • Yellow means the child is at risk of getting off track. If the child has finished participating in LENA Home this is a gentle nudge to set the child's status to completed.
  • Red means the child has not done a LENA Day in the last 45 days and is off track. It's time to check in with the family, or mark them as completed or dropped.

*For newly enrolled children, this column shows how many days have passed since enrollment. The same color coding applies. Aim to get that first LENA Day withing 45 days of enrollment.


This column shows the number of valid LENA Days that have been received and reported for this child.

If a LENA Day is currently processing, a gray animation appears in this column.

If the processing indicator is still showing the morning after you transferred the device, log back into the LENA Hub program. Chances are the LENA Day did not finish uploading or processing. Make sure the computer is set to never sleep, and if it's a laptop, do not close the lid until all uploads/processing have completed.

Access and navigation

The group dashboard is visible to all users. Child names are replaced by IDs for users who do not have permission to see names.

The group dashboard is the first screen displayed after login for users who have group-only viewing permissions. Use the context menu to access the dashboard for the group of interest.

Users with organization-level viewing permissions can access a group dashboard in two ways:

  • Click through the organization detail dashboard(s) until you can click on the group
  • Select the group in the context drop-down, and then click the LENA Online logo, then click More Details

To return to the group dashboard from any screen, select the room in the context menu, and click the LENA Online logo, then click More Details.